Please see below to find answers to frequently asked questions.

Q. Do you have to come to my residence in order to provide an estimate?

A. An on-site consultation is not required for local moves which usually include an hourly rate.  However, your move rate and time estimate will be based on information provided during your telephone conversation or email correspondence.

Q.  How is mileage calculated?

A.  Mileage is calculated from the company home office located in Newark, DE, to your current residence, to your destination residence, returning to the company home office as well as any customer initiated stops in between.

Q.  When does the clock start and end on my move date?

A.  The clock starts when the movers arrive at your residence and ends when the last box or piece of furniture is placed in your new home or office. 

Q.  Are there any hidden costs?

A.  Our company does not charge any hidden fees.  You will receive an itemized estimate based on information obtained during your initial consultation.  As long as there is not an excessive amount of additional items that was not initially disclosed and there aren't any awkwardly shaped or oversized furniture/appliances, there will be no additional charges.

Q.  Do you offer flat rates?

A.  Flat rate service is available; however an on-site consultation is required.  Your flat rate will be based on the maximum estimated time calculated to complete your move.

Q.  Do you offer storage services?

A.  Unfortunately, we do not have a secure storage facility so storage services are not offered at this time.

Q.  Do I have to pay a deposit?

A.  A deposit is due via credit or debit card at the time of scheduling in order to secure your requested date and time.  The deposit amount varies depending on the size of your move; however for local moves, it will not exceed 20% of your initial pre-move move estimate and for long distance moves, it will not exceed 50% of yur pre-move estimate.

Q.  What form of payment do you accept?

A.  We currently accept credit and debit cards which include Visa, MasterCard and Discover.  Unfortunately at this time we do not accept American Express.  Customers may also pay via cash or certified check.

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